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Wat kan ik voor je doen?

Verbeter de resultaten van je digital marketing

Van het ontwikkelen van buyer personas, het documenteren van je content strategie, het optimaliseren van SEO tot het coachen van content marketers voor betere resultaten.
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Ga agile met je marketing team of afdeling

Begrijp de basisbeginselen van agile marketing en pas ze direct toe in een interactieve workshop. Laat je coachen voor een vliegende start tijdens je eerste sprint.
Ga agile

Haal meer uit je marketing automation tool

Krijg ondersteuning bij de tool selectie, het bouwen van outbound campagnes en het creëren of optimaliseren van nurture flows voor betere kwaliteit leads.
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I thought I knew about content marketing,
but Saskia took it to a whole other level – Lisanne Barnaart, Content Marketer, Graydon

I consider Saskia an Industry leader on the topics of Content marketing, Marketing Automation and Creative Leadership. Some key achievements of Saskia: Initiation and implementation of Scrum as a team management process. This is now widely adopted in all Marketing and Sales departments. Initiation and implementation of Marketo as Marketing automation software. Now we have two specialists who build all the campaigns with high success in the Buying Journey and Customer life Cycle. The traffic and leads of the website more than doubled thanks to the implementation of the inbound content strategy Saskia was responsible for – Mark Beekman, Managing Director, Graydon Nederland

Saskia taught me almost all I know today about Marketing Automation and B2B Inbound Marketing. Aside from her deep knowledge about digital marketing she was exceptional in making her team members excel by nurturing independence and empowering us to make our own choices – Stijn Heijthuijsen, Marketing Automation Specialist, Tesla


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